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How to Fry Eggs

How to Fry an Egg

Eggs can be fried over relatively high heat, and the cooking can be accelerated by covering the pan. Doing that requires some vigilance to avoid overcooking the yolks, however. There is also the option of flipping the nearly set eggs over for a short time to create eggs “over easy,” rather than leaving them unturned “sunny side up.” For 4 ... Read More »

Roti: Kneaded and Loved

how to make roti/chappati/phulka

The scent of a roti on a hot griddle transports me, nostalgically and swiftly, to the weekends when I was a girl with knobby knees and tight plaits, and would visit my grandmother’s house every Saturday. Entering through the back door, we would invariably find her sitting on a wooden stool near a stove on the floor, making small rotis ... Read More »

Benefits and uses of Orange Peel for your Health & Beauty

Benefits and uses of Orange Peel for your Beauty & Health

We are all familiar with the nutritional value of oranges and wait for winter to bring in the tangy flavored fruit. Though, ironic as it may sound, while the inner fruit is a healthy sweet and sour treat, most of the benefits are in the orange skin itself which we discard without a second thought. It’s time to acquaint yourself ... Read More »

Red or green, chilies add flavor and spice to most dishes

With temperatures climbing daily, this month is perfect for sowing lots of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit which thrive in hot, hot and hotter weather. And where better to start than with the very essence of Pakistani cuisine and a fruit yes fruit not vegetable which without sufficient heat throughout its growing season, will not add that much loved, lip-numbing ... Read More »

Types of Kitchen Knives

kitchen knife types

There are many different types of kitchen knives for various uses, so question is which knife is right for you? Salmon Knife Flexible, slim knife with a straight cutting edge. Great fir cutting fish into wafer-thin slices, particularly smoked salmon (hence the name). Spatula With a broad and blunt blade, the Spatula is great for cooking omelette and pancakes. The ... Read More »