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Whole Fish Masala Style Recipe by Chef Zakir

Whole Fish Masala Style by Chef Zakir

Ingredients 1 Whole Fish 250 gm Plain Flour 2 Fresh Lemons 1 cup Tamarind Paste 1 tablespoon Turmeric Powder 1 tablespoon Hot Spices Powder 1 tablespoon Ground Cumin 2 tablespoons Ginger Garlic Paste 4 tablespoons Red Chili Powder 4 tablespoons Chaat Masala Oil for frying. Salt to taste  Whole Fish Masala Style: Step-by-Step Take a sharp knife and make slit ... Read More »

Anday ka Halwa Recipe

Ingredients: 12 Eggs 750 gm Khoya 8 cardamom, small 2 cup Sugar 2 cup Oil 1 tablespoon Sugar Almonds and Pistachio  (boiled), as required Method: Grind small cardamom and 1 tablespoon sugar together. Mix together egs, khoya, 2 cups oil and small cardamom and cook it in the pan. When it starts drying keep on moving the spoon when the oil separates, halwa ... Read More »