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Spicy Cheese Roll Recipe by Chef Zakir

Spicy Cheese Roll Recipe by Chef Zakir

picy Cheese Roll by Chef Zakir is a wonderful snack highly which is loved by kids and teenagers in their tea times. School going children prefer to take such snacks in their lunch boxes instead of paratha or bread. Its very easy recipe for making spicy cheese rolls at home. Ingredients: 1 Potatoes boiled 2 Egg 4 Green chilies 6 ... Read More »

Gol Gappay Recipe by Chef Shireen Anwar

Gol Gappay Recipe by Shireen Anwar

Gol gappay or pani puri is a popular Pakistani snack recipe. This gol gappa recipe by Shireen Anwar have a great sweet & sour taste. Try out this shireen anwar gol gappa recipe and let us know in a comment below how great the taste was? Ingredients For Gol Gappa: 1 cup Semolina ½ cup All purpose flour 2 tablespoons ... Read More »