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Chili Chicken Pizza Recipe By Shireen Anwar

Chili Chicken Pizza Recipe by Shireen Anwar

Everybody is a fan of pizza. Try this pizza recipe by Shireen Anwar. It is very easy and pizza toppings are very delicious. There is no need to order pizzas anymore, you can make your own homemade pizza and enjoy it with family or friends Ingredients For the Dough 8 ounce flour 1 egg ¼ cup oil ½ tsp salt ... Read More »

Pizza Dough Recipe by Chef Zakir

Pizza Dough Recipe by chef zakir

izza Dough is very easy to prepare in very short time with a little budget consumed on it. Demand for pizza among our youth is going to increase day by day. Pizza dough is backbone of a delicious pizza. This recipe will help you to form super pizza dough. Ingredients: 4 cups Plain flour Salt to taste 1 tbsp Yeast 1 ... Read More »