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Hot and Spicy Reshmi kabab Roll Recipe By Shireen Anwar

Hot and Spicy Reshmi kebab Roll Recipe By Shireen Anwar

Make sure to try this recipe for roll parathas. Although the steps may seem very long, they are very easy to follow and the taste is very delicious. Now you can make your own market style roll paratha that taste equally if not more delicious. Ingredients ½ kg chicken mince 1 tsp garam masala 1 tsp cumin seeds (roasted and ... Read More »

Spicy Cheese Roll Recipe by Chef Zakir

Spicy Cheese Roll Recipe by Chef Zakir

picy Cheese Roll by Chef Zakir is a wonderful snack highly which is loved by kids and teenagers in their tea times. School going children prefer to take such snacks in their lunch boxes instead of paratha or bread. Its very easy recipe for making spicy cheese rolls at home. Ingredients: 1 Potatoes boiled 2 Egg 4 Green chilies 6 ... Read More »

Spring Roll Recipe by Shireen Anwar

chicken spring roll recipe by shireen anwar

Ingredients 2 chicken breast, boneless 1 cup cabbage, cut into slice 1 medium size Onion, sliced 1 cup carrots, thinly sliced 1 green capsicum, sliced ½ cup Green onion leaves ½ Beans sprouts 1 tsp salt ½ tsp White pepper 2 tbsp Soya sauce 2 tbsp Ketchup 1 tbsp. Vinegar 2 dozen Spring roll wrappers 2 tbsp. oil for frying ... Read More »

Chicken Roll Recipe by Shireen Anwar

chicken mince recipe by shireen anwar

This chicken rolls recipe is crispy and easy to cook.  These spicy chicken roll takes very little time for preparation; we can enjoy these rolls either with tea or take them as brunch and also entertain our guests. Try out this chicken mince roll recipe by Shireen Anwar and you will make it again! Ingredients: 250 gram Chicken Mince 2 tablespoons ... Read More »