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Rooh Afza Sharbat Recipe

Rooh Afza mainly popular in India and Pakistan. It was created by Hakim Abdul Majeed in 1907 It is used to break the fast of Ramadan. This drink is very much popular among the locals of India and Pakistan, as it is cheap and affordable drink, to refresh yourself in scorching heat of India and Pakistan.


  • 2 tbsp Rooh Afza
  • 2 full tablespoon Sugar
  • Mint Leaves
  • Ice Cubes

Rooh Afza Sharbat: Step-By-Step

Step No. 1

Add 2 tbsp. rooh afza sharbat into water or milk, whatever you prefer.

Rooh Afza Sharbat Recipe - Step 1

Step No. 1

Step No. 2

Stir it until sharbat will be dissolved.

Rooh Afza Sharbat Recipe - Step 2

Step No. 2

Step No. 3 & 4

Add 2 full spoon of sugar for more sweet taste, dissolve it until complete.

Rooh Afza Sharbat Recipe - Step 3

Step No. 3

Rooh Afza Sharbat Recipe - Step 4

Step No. 4

For Garnishing

  • Add few mint leaves & ice cubes.


  1. You can add a lemon and squeeze lemon juice into rooh afza for lemonic rooh afza taste.
  2. If you avoid sugar, you can add 1 spoon of honey.
  3. Do not use excessive amount of white sugar and rooh afza in your juice.

Lemon ka Sharbat Recipe by Zubaida Tariq

Lemon ka Sharbat is a wonderful beverage or sharbat recipe which is most wanted in summer. People increase lemon use in summer season because of the intensity of hot weather.

Lemon ka Sharbat Recipe by Zubaida Tariq

Lemon ka Sharbat


  • 4 Lemon
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • Black salt, pinch
  • 4 cups Water
  • ½ bunch Mint leaves chopped
  • Ice as needed

Lemon ka Sharbat: Cooking Directions

  1. Take a blender; put 4 cups water, lemon juice of 2 lemons in it.
  2. Then take 2 lemons with skin, cut into small pieces, and remove lemon seeds and put in the blender.
  3. Now, add 1 cup of sugar and blend well for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Put ice in glasses and pour this prepared Sharbat into them.
  5. Garnish Lemon sharbat glass with mint leaves and sprinkle a pinch of black pepper.

Most refreshing Lemon ka Sharbat is ready to serve. It’s very healthy beverage as compared to other soft drinks (cola, sprite, fanta, etc.) which only adversely affect our body and result in fattiness.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Yields: 2-3 servings