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Fresh smoothies make breakfast or snack healthy and great in taste. We have delicious smoothie recipes in all fruity and creamy flavor.

Peach Smoothie with Yogurt Recipe

Peach Rebellion Smoothie with Yogurt Nestle Recipe

Ingredients 1 cup frozen Peach 1/4 teaspoon Coffee 1 cup Nestle Actiplus Probiotic Dahi or Yogurt 1/2 cup Ice, crushed 1 tablespoon Honey Peach Rebellion: Method Take a blender and add peach and blend them well. Now add Nestle Actiplus Probiotic Yogurt in the blender and blend until peach and nestle yogurt become entirely smooth. Add coffee, honey, and crushed ... Read More »

Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe by Shireen Anwar

Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe by Shireen Anwar

riple Berry Smoothie is really healthy traditional smoothie¬†recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you unique taste of smoothie. People of every age love to enjoy this especially in summer season to lesson the intensity of hot weather. This is an easy smoothie recipe by Shireen Anwer. Everyone can add favor in life just to follow the below ... Read More »